Quick Answer: How Do I Get A Copy Of The Deed To My House In Michigan?

How do I get the deed to my house in Cook County?

Copies of your deed can be obtained from the Cook County Recorder:Online at CookRecorder.com (non-certified, $2.50 per document, plus credit card processing fee)In person at any of the Recorder’s 6 locations ($10.00 for the first 2 pages, non-certified; $20.00 for the first 2 pages, certified.More items….

Does a deed mean you own the house?

When you own a home, you own both the deed and title for that property. In real estate, title means you have ownership and a right to use the property. … The deed is the physical legal document that transfers ownership. It shows who you bought your house from, and when you sell it, it shows who you sold it to.

What does it mean when a mortgage is released?

A Mortgage Release is where you, the homeowner, voluntarily transfer the ownership of your property to the owner of your mortgage in exchange for a release from your mortgage loan and payments.

What does PTA mean in real estate?

property transfer affidavitA property transfer affidavit is a written legal document which must be filed whenever ownership of real property is transferred from one party to another. The affidavit is filed with the tax assessor’s office of the city or township where the property is located.

Is the title and deed the same thing?

A deed is evidence of a specific event of transferring the title of the property from one person to another. A title is the legal right to use and modify the property how you see fit, or transfer interest or any portion that you own to others via a deed. A deed represents the right of the owner to claim the property.

How do I get my deed to my house in Michigan?

In Michigan, in order to conduct a property search, you need to go to the register of deeds in the county where the real estate being purchased is located. Some counties, like Wayne County, have online searches of title available. You can go to This Site to Find a List of the Registers of Deeds.

Do I get a copy of my deed at closing?

Generally, the lender sends the documents to be recorded after the closing. The recording fees are included in your closing costs. Typically, the lender will provide you with a copy of the deed of trust after the closing. The original warranty deeds are often mailed to the grantee after they are recorded.

What happens if you can’t find the deeds to your house?

The title number can be used to obtain copies of the evidence of legal title and other documents from the Land Registry (for a small fee). … So, if the property is registered at the Land Registry it does not matter if you cannot find any paper deeds or documents.

How much does an estate have to be worth to go to probate in Michigan?

Assets owned in the deceased’s name only (such as real estate, bank accounts, stocks and bonds) and personal property exceeding $15,000 generally have to go to probate court. Michigan law also allows for a streamlined probate process in the case of smaller estates under a certain value.

Does a Lady Bird deed supercede a will?

A properly written, signed and filed Enhanced Life Estate Deed does supersede the terms of the owner’s Will, so long as the grantor has not exercised the retained right to reclaim ownership while living. … When the owner later dies, transfer of title to the property may require probate of the Will.

Do all wills go through probate in Michigan?

But for estates in Michigan that exceed the small estate’s threshold, and for which there is either no Will, or a Will (but not a Living Trust), probate will be required before an estate can be tranferred to the decedent’s heirs or beneficiaries.

Does Michigan have transfer on death deed?

Michigan does not allow real estate to be transferred with transfer-on-death deeds. There is a type of deed available in Michigan known as an enhanced life estate deed, or “Lady Bird” deed, that functions like a transfer-on-death deed. This type of deed is not common.

Where do I file a Michigan property transfer affidavit?

Affidavit must be filed by the new owner with the assessor for the city or township where the property is located within 45 days of the transfer. The information on this form is NOT CONFIDENTIAL.

Who signs the property transfer affidavit in Michigan?

Title companies generally complete and file the Property Transfer Affidavit at the time of closing however; it is the responsibility of the buyer, grantee, or a transferee of the property to ensure that the form has been filed.