Quick Answer: Does ThredUp Wash The Clothes?

Does ThredUp pay good?

If your clothing is “on-trend, in-season and in great condition,” ThredUp pays you for it upfront.

If your clothes are in great condition but offseason, the site consigns them and pays you after they sell.

ThredUp pay: 5 to 80 percent of the anticipated selling price..

Where can I drop off my ThredUp bag?

Drop the bag off at any FedEx Office or USPS location. Once your bag is received at our warehouse, we’ll evaluate each item based on our quality standards.

Can you return items to thredUP?

Items purchased with thredUP store credits will always be refunded back as store credits. … If the free return option is selected, you will be refunded with thredUP store credit. Returns refunded to thredUP credits cannot be changed to the original method of payment after the return has processed.

How do you send clothes to thredUP?

All you have to do is go through a few simple steps to complete the thredUP process:Order Your Clean Out Kit.Pack Up Your Items.Send in Your Bag And Wait for Processing.Choose Whether to Consign Or Take an Upfront Payout.Monitor Your Items.Get Your Payout.

Where can I find good clothes on thredUP?

How To Shop For High-End Clothes On thredUPKnow your brands. If Banana Republic clothing never fits or flatters you when you buy it new, it’s unlikely to start magically fitting when it’s secondhand. … Know your measurements. … Have a goal. … Look frequently. … Use the filters. … Know the value. … Buy higher-end than you might normally. … If you like it, put it in your cart.More items…

What does thredUP do with unaccepted clothes?

Any unaccepted items (the things thredUP wouldn’t be able to sell on-site) are shipped back to you (for $10.99) or responsibly recycled, according to the company. The Donation Clean-Out Kit is what it sounds like. You can send in women’s, men’s, and kids’ items.

Is poshmark a ripoff?

They are a horrible scam platform that everyone should be aware of before they turn over big money for used bags (or any merchandise). It’s also very hard to find a platform to review Poshmark. There are no telephone numbers to speak to an actual human being.

What is the best place to sell clothes online?

15 Best Sites and Apps to Sell Clothes OnlineASOS Marketplace.Etsy.eBay.Poshmark.The RealReal.Refashioner.ThredUP.LePrix.More items…•

Is selling clothes on thredUP worth it?

No. Most ThredUp reviews that I read all end up with the same story of people expecting to make a decent amount of money by selling their clothes, but being shocked with how much they actually receive months down the road. So it depends on your expectations and how you are using the thrift store.

Which is better poshmark or thredUP?

If you are selling, and you are looking to make a little more money for your clothes with the time to do the work, Poshmark is a good option. … Personally, I’ll continue to use both ThredUP and Poshmark, because I like what each has to offer, but I love ThredUP for its online store experience and easy clean out bags.

Do you wash clothes before selling on poshmark?

Make sure your item is laundered or dry cleaned and free of any odor of fragrance.

How long does it take to get a thredUP bag?

According to the thredUP website, it takes 1-3 weeks for your Clean Out bag to be processed and have your items listed online. In my experience, it can sometimes take even longer.