Quick Answer: Does AAA Use OEM Parts?

Do body shops use OEM parts?

Body shops love OEM parts.

All but the most discerning owners won’t notice that a part doesn’t fit as smoothly as the original.

Body shop owners love OEM parts because they make a lot more money from them.

But the body shop will still get a kickback from the insurance company if it uses aftermarket parts..

Can insurance use non OEM parts?

2015, for example), insurance companies are free to require body shops to seek out and use non-OEM parts for collision repairs – that is, components not manufactured by the original vehicle manufacturer. Within two or three years after that, insurance companies can opt to use pre-owned parts for repairs.

Does AutoZone sell OEM parts?

If something is wrong with your vehicle, take a quick trip to AutoZone for any car, SUV, or truck auto parts you need. We carry both genuine OEM and aftermarket parts that meet or exceed OE performance. … Browse AutoZone’s parts catalog to find what you need to buy your auto parts online.

Are OEM products fake?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. If they are manufactured by the same company, and to the same specifications as the “original”, then they are original. If someone else puts the same label on them, then they are counterfeit.

Can I insist on OEM parts?

Getting OEM Parts for Your Damaged Vehicle You have the right to request your insurance company use original equipment manufactured parts rather than aftermarket parts to repair your vehicle. If the insurance company deems these costs unreasonable, however, it might deny your claim.

What is the difference between OEM and genuine parts?

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are built by the company that initially made the parts for the auto manufacturer. … The difference is that it doesn’t carry the manufacturer’s logo. OEM parts are just as reliable as genuine parts, but you get them for a better value. Aftermarket.

What are non OEM parts?

Non-Original Equipment Manufactured (“Non-OEM“) parts, also known as aftermarket crash parts, are generic parts produced by independent manufacturers who manufacture replacement crash parts and sell them cheaper than the original equipment manufacturer.

Are OEM parts better?

OEM parts tend to be more expensive, but are easier to choose and usually are backed by a one-year warranty. Some aftermarket parts are equal to or better than the OEM part. If the price seems too good to be true, beware of poor quality parts.

Does progressive pay OEM parts?

yeah…it’s in your policy. they all do it. you can request a rider be put on your policy that states only oem/manufacturer’s parts in case of repair, but of course, it’s an additional cost.

Will Safelite use OEM glass?

Safelite buys its glass from the largest and most sophisticated glass manufacturers in the world; companies that work directly with and supply to the vehicle manufacturers.

Which insurance companies use genuine parts?

“IAG is the first insurer to commit to encouraging smash repairers to use genuine parts, which is a massive step forward for the safety of Australian consumers.

What is an OEM part?

Here and everywhere else, OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer.” So, OEM automotive components are the official, genuine parts produced directly by your vehicle’s maker.

Does State Farm use OEM parts?

State Farm® keeps the promise of “Good Neighbor” service every day as we pay individual claims. Our promise includes a commitment to your satisfaction regarding new non-original equipment manufacturer (non-OEM), recycled, and OEM Surplus parts used in the repair of your vehicle.

Why are OEM parts so expensive?

1. OEM parts are almost always made in union shops and a lot of after-market parts are made with cheaper labor in non-union shops. 2. 99% of drivers have no way of knowing if an after-market part is high quality or not and are willing to pay more for OEM parts for peace of mind.

Does State Farm cover OEM windshield?

State Farm covers both windshield repairs and replacements, depending on the extent of the damage. Your deductible may apply.

Does Geico replace with OEM parts?

Geico will not pay for OEM parts, not even on a brand new car, unless cheap, Chinese knock-off parts are not available. Many shops in my area won’t even take a Geico claim because they just won’t pay to fix the car properly. I had very recent experience where my car got hit by Geico insurer.