Question: How Is Provident Fund Calculated?

Is PF mandatory above 15000?

EPF eligibility criteria If you are drawing a salary higher than Rs.

15,000 per month, you are termed a non-eligible employee and it is not mandatory for you to become a member of the EPF, although you can still register with the consent of your employer and approval from the Assistant PF Commissioner..

Is PF interest compounded?

For EPF, compound interest is paid on the amount standing to the credit of an employee as on 1 April every year. However, EPS being a pension scheme, interest is not applicable. Hence, no interest is earned on the amount accumulated in EPS. EPF also has nomination facility.

What is a annual salary?

Your annual salary is the amount of money your employer pays you over the course of a year in exchange for the work you perform. For example, if you earn a salary of $72,000 annually and you work a 40-hour week all year. … Before taxes, your salary breaks down to an hourly wage of $34.62.

What is the minimum number of employees for PF?

10 employeesAccording to the EPF new rules, this limit is now going to be halved. This means that any Firm which has a minimum of 10 employees has to be registered with the Employees’ Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act. Currently, the firms that come under the Act are those which has 20 or more employees.

How is PF calculated on salary 2019?

– If you are a man, you must contribute 10% or 12% of your basic salary. – In case you are a new woman employee, it is 8% of your basic salary for the first 3 years. Thereafter, it becomes 10% or 12% of your basic salary. – Your employer has to contribute an amount equal to 10% or 12% of your basic salary towards EPF.

Is PF compulsory?

Under the EPF&MP Act, 1952, an EPF account is mandatory for all employees with a basic salary up to `15,000 per month in firms employing more than 20 workers. While 12% of the basic salary is deducted for PF from the worker, the employer makes a matching contribution.

Is PF calculated on gross salary?

Salary: An employee receives Basic pay of Rs 10,000 per month. PF calculation: Since the employee’s Basic is above Rs 6,500, the stipulated ceiling for mandatory PF Gross, his PF contribution can be calculated as 12% of Basic i.e. Rs 1,200 in this case.

What is the rule for provident fund?

The employee gets a lump sum amount including self and employer’s contribution with interest on both, on retirement. As per the rules, in EPF, employee whose ‘pay’ is more than Rs 15,000 a month at the time of joining, is not eligible and is called non-eligible employee.

How much loan can I get on PF?

The amount of loan you can get is 36 months basic salary + dearness allowance or the total of your (employee) share and employer’s contribution to EPF with interest or the total cost of purchase of the house/plot, whichever is least. You have a maximum of only 1 withdrawal in your whole life.

How can I get loan from PF online?

How to apply for EPF advance online Log in to the EPFO members’ portal using your UAN and password. … Go to the ‘Online Services’ tab on the main menu of the home page and select ‘Claim’ to generate an online request for advance.More items…•

What is EPF pension formula?

EPS formula: (Pensionable Salary * service period) / 70. Here, Pensionable Salary is capped at Rs 15,000 and service period at 35 years. Therefore, irrespective of actual years that one has worked and the monthly basic salary, the maximum monthly pension would be Rs 7,500.

How is PF interest calculated?

Assuming the interest rate for 2019-2020 is 8.5%, while calculating interest applicable for each month you’ll have to divide 8.50% by 12. Therefore, 8.50%/12 = 0.7083% will be your monthly rate of interest. If contributions start from April, your total EPF contribution for the month would be ₹3,550.

Why PF is deducted twice from salary?

If the salary is mentioned as CTC, the employer PF amount only will be given in the offer letter. Employee PF amount will not be shown and it will be deducted from the salary. so it is logical only. CTC means cost to the company which is given by the company employee deductions to be not given.

What is difference between gratuity and provident fund?

A gratuity fund is a part of the salary an employee receives from his/her employer in gratitude for the work the employee does for the company. In provident fund a part of salary is deposited in Provident fund from both employees side and employers side in a particular ratio.

What is the maximum PF pension?

Earlier, EPFO was providing pension calculated on the salary of the employee with a maximum cap at Rs. 15,000. Now that the cap of Rs. 15,000 has been removed, the EPS contributions will be calculated based at 8.33% of the actual salary of the employee.

How is PF deducted from salary?

As per EPF rules, 12 per cent of an employee’s Basic salary+Dearness Allowance is contributed to their Employee Provident Fund account. … From the employer’s EPF contribution, 8.33 per cent goes towards the Employee Pension Scheme (EPS) and the remaining to the PF account of the employer.

Can I take loan from PF?

An individual having a PF account can withdraw funds from the account as loan. Partial withdrawal is possible in case the loan is towards buying/repairing a house. The employee should be in service for 5 years to be eligible to get loan against PF.

How is PF amount calculated?

Interest on the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) is calculated on the contributions made by the employee as well as the employer. Contributions made by the employee and the employer equals 12% or 10% (includes EPS and EDLI) of his/her basic pay plus dearness allowance (DA).

How is Provident Fund calculated in Excel?

Lets say your salary (Basic Salary + Dearness Allowance) = Rs 50,000 per month. Now following are the contributions made by you (employee) and the employer: Employee’s contribution towards EPF = 12% of Rs 50,000 = Rs 6000. Employer’s contribution towards EPS = 8.33% of Rs 50,000 = Rs 4165.

Why PF is not deducted from salary?

So, the decision whether to deduct or go for non-deduction of provident fund should be made at the start of employee A’s career i.e. on day one of joining a job. … On the other hand, contribution to provident fund is mandatory if the basic salary of an employee is less than Rs 6500.

How can I get loan from PF?

PF Loan ProcedureStep 1: Visit the Member Interface of EPFO website to login with your UAN and password.Step 2: Go to “Manage” tab and verify your KYC details, including Aadhaar, PAN and bank account details.Step 3: Go to the “Online Claims” tab and select “Claim (Form-31, 19 & 10C)” from the drop down menu.More items…•

What is PF percentage?

The reduced rate is also not applicable to establishments eligible for PMGKY benefits, since the entire employees EPF contributions (12% of wages) and employers’ EPF & EPS contribution (12% of wages), totalling 24% of the monthly wages is being contributed by the Central govt.

How can I check my Employee Provident Fund Scheme 1952?

By giving a missed call: Give a missed call to 011-22901406 from your registered mobile number. You’ll receive an SMS containing your EPF balance. This service is also only available upon the integration of your UAN with your KYC details, i.e. Aadhar or PAN or bank account details.