Question: How Do You Use The Word Pinnacle In A Sentence?

What does a pinnacle look like?

A pinnacle is an architectural ornament originally forming the cap or crown of a buttress or small turret, but afterwards used on parapets at the corners of towers and in many other situations.

The pinnacle looks like a small spire.

It was mainly used in Gothic architecture..

How is a flying buttress different from a traditional one?

The defining, functional characteristic of a flying buttress is that it is not in contact with the wall at ground level, unlike a traditional buttress, and so transmits the lateral forces across the span of intervening space between the wall and the pier.

Is it already or already?

Both are correct. However, more correctly, the present perfect continuous tense ends in a participle: “He has been practicing already for three hours.” Alternatively, we can say, “He has already been practicing for three hours.” The last usage is the most natural in English.

What does the pinnacle of something mean?

A pinnacle is the highest point of something, especially success or fame. … In a literal sense, a pinnacle is a tall peak of a mountain. In architecture, a pinnacle is an upright structure (usually some kind of cone, pyramid, or spire) that rises up from the roof of a building or caps a tower.

What is another word for Pinnacle?

Some common synonyms of pinnacle are acme, apex, climax, culmination, peak, and summit.

What does it mean to pique someone’s interest?

The verb pique means to make someone angry or annoyed. But when something piques your interest or curiosity, here the verb pique just means to arouse, stimulate, or excite.

Does PK mean?

Player KillPK means Player Kill in an online gaming context. The term “Player Kill” refers to killing a character controlled by another player as opposed to a BOT (Robot Player), which is a player controlled by a computer.

What does culmination mean?

culmination in American English 1. a culminating; reaching of the highest or lowest altitude or point. 2. the highest point; zenith; climax.

What is pique in English?

transitive verb. 1a : to excite or arouse especially by a provocation, challenge, or rebuff sly remarks to pique their curiosity. b : pride he piques himself on his skill as a cook. 2 : to arouse anger or resentment in : irritate what piques linguistic conservatives— T. H. Middleton. pique.

What is pique cotton?

Pique cotton, otherwise known as Marcella, originates from the 18th century Lancashire cotton industry. … Pique Cotton is a material characterised by raised parallel cords or fine ribbing in the fabric. This gives the material a subtle pattern and texture, which can only be seen up close.

What does pique mean in ballet?

Pricked, prickingDEFINITION. Pique´ Pricked, pricking. Executed by stepping directly on the pointe of the working foot in.

How old is pique now?

33 years (February 2, 1987)Gerard Piqué/Age

What is a pinnacle used for?

A pinnacle is a vertical ornamental element crowning a buttress, turret, parapet, spire or other structure. It is most commonly associated with Gothic architecture. Pinnacles are typically made of stone and predominantly used for ornamental purposes, providing vertical emphasis breaking up hard outlines.

How is a pinnacle formed?

The Pinnacles Volcanic Formation formed approximately 23 million years ago as it was extruded through many vents and deposited atop the granitic basement, forming a vast volcanic field. The magma that was the source of all the volcanics was rhyolitic in origin.

Has or had already?

You use “had already” if you are speaking about a past event that is referenced in the past tense. you use “Have already” when you are speaking about a past event referenced in the present tense. It depends on the sentence. ‘Have’ is perfect past (past of the present), ‘had’ is pluperfect past (past of the past).

How do you explain already?

Already is used to indicate that something that happened before the moment of speaking. However, it refers to something that affects the present moment in time. Let’s take a look at a few examples: I have already finished the report.

What is pique clothing?

Piqué, or marcella, refers to a weaving style, normally used with cotton yarn, which is characterized by raised parallel cords or geometric designs in the fabric. Piqué fabrics vary from semi-sheer dimity to heavy weight waffle cloth. Twilled cotton and corded cotton are close relatives.

Is pique a Scrabble word?

PIQUE is a valid scrabble word.

How do you use Pique in a sentence?

Now, with Quinn’s interest piqued, we were a committed pack of five dedicated to seek answers, wherever they might lie. Hearing that she once had a goat dairy might have piqued his interest, though. Siegfried is piqued, and calls them back to offer them the ring.

How do you use already in a sentence?

Already sentence examplesWe have already seen this method work. … What are you going to hide from me that I haven’t already seen? … This was a decision she had already made once – but not really. … I already have a son and daughter. … Hadn’t she already forgotten? … You’re already at the top of your class.More items…

How do you say pique?

Pique is pronounced (pee-kay) when in reference to fabric. Although spelled the same, the pronunciation is different from “pique” as in this sentence: he made remarks to pique their curiosity.

What’s the opposite of Pinnacle?

Noun. ▲ Opposite of the highest point of fame or success. nadir. bottom.

What’s another word for culmination?

Some common synonyms of culmination are acme, apex, climax, peak, pinnacle, and summit.