Can I Use 80w 90 Instead Of 75w90?

Can I use SAE 90 instead of 75w90?


75w-90 should be just fine..

What is the difference between 80w90 and 85w140 gear oil?

The viscosity chart rates the 80W90 up to 95 degrees while the 85W140 is rated up to 120 degrees.

What is 80w90 gear oil used for?

The oil known as 80W-90 GL-5 is a lubricant for the gears in your vehicle. It is used in automatic and manual transmissions, and assists the gears in shifting smoothly.

Is 80w 90 the same as SAE 90?

Yes it is the same… close enough anyway. SAE 90 gear oil is equivalent to 50wt engine oil (SAE 80 = 30wt), so you could always dump that in instead if you want.

What’s thicker 75w90 or 75w140?

So, the difference between “75W90” and “75W140” is that at operating temperature, the 75W140 will be considerably thicker than the 75W90 but at room temperature they will be about the same viscosity.

Which gear oil is the best?

Best Sellers in Gear Oils#1. … Mobil 1 104361-UNIT 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Lube – 1 Quart. … Polaris Premium Synthetic AGL Plus Gear Lube 32 oz / 946 ml. … Quicksilver 858064Q01 High Performance SAE 90 Gear Lube for Mercury Outboards and MerCruiser…More items…

Is 75w90 better than 80w90?

Because of this, lower viscosity synthetic gear oils are growing in popularity. … Synthetic-based SAE 75W-90 gear oils also prevent oxidation and oil thickening that mineral oils are susceptible to, and thus have longer life versus SAE 80W-90.

Can I use 80w90 instead of SAE 80?

Any of the 80W-XX gear oils will work just fine.

Which gear oil is thicker 80w 90 or 85w 140?

80w-90 front, 75w-140 rear. Rear gets more of a workout so more heat. This equates to thicker lubricant.

Is synthetic gear oil better?

Synthetic lubricants have a lower friction coefficient in a gearbox, better film strength and a better relationship between viscosity and temperature (viscosity index, VI). This indicates synthetic lubricants can be used at lower viscosity grades and lower temperatures.

Can I use 80w90 instead of 75w140?

Had you been using mineral oil then 80w90 EP would be the correct choice. However for synthetic 75w140 should be fine.

Is it OK to use 75w90 instead of 75w85?

Our answer: Yes, 75W-85 gear oil can most definitely be replaced by 75W-90.